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most tracker : ofline(timed out)


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my torrents were running smootly until a few days ago they went all red.

the problem is that it can't connect to the tracker nor the seed/peer. but then I realized that I have a seeding torrent that is running just fine. the seeding torrent is from a private tracker nd so I tried to download another file from there and it worked.

but other torrents won't run at all. it says "tracker : offline(timed out)" while they still report that scrape is OK. I can even see how mush of the seed/peer available but I can't connect to any off them.

and to be precise, not all private trackers work for me now, so I can only run a torrent from "that" private tracker.

any idea?

I am running through a network. so if u guys thinks that this is a network issue, pls explain to me so I can explain it to my admin. thx b4

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if ur talking about the test torrent like from open office/linux and etc....

they don't work at all...like the other torrents, it went red

here's the screencap for u


the difference is that the tracker reports that "no connections could be made because the target machine is actively refused it"

so what do u think?

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i c...

but how do I prove that I can't acces the tracker besides showing the tracker's stat in utorrent?

ex : I ping the tracker and it says RTO/there's a reply but slow

is accessing the trackers url through the browser the same as the torrent connecting to the tracker?

ex : tracker is "http://open.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce" , then I open "http://open.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce" in browser

thx b4, I appreciate ur help

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I received an invalid request too...

which means the tracker isn't blocked from my network...if it is, it's suppose to say "access denied by admin bla3x...."


let's just finish this fast...how's utorrent suppose to behave when P2P is blocked in a network? is it possible that some torrents might slip through and able to tranfer files from seed/peers?

I am assuming that P2P is blokced now =__=

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I used some anonim-service and I tunneled utorrent through it and it works, I got some speeds, although all the torrents went red and can't connect to any tracker

but at least I;m getting some speeds

I posted this just in case somebody get the same problem

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