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Low and Varying Downlaod Speeds


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I'm new here so please bare with me.

i don't know if this has been covered before but i have been unable to find a topic covering it.

the problem i seem to be having is that my download and upload speeds are far lower than what my service supports. i currently have bellsouth fastaccessDSL 3mps/384kps

i have read through both the setup guide and firewall guide to make sure my setting are set properly and my port is not being blocked by a firewall.

However for all downloads i'm only getting from 20kps - 80 kps, and its always jumping around never steady and for my uplaods its hovering around 30kps, i did restrict my upload speed to 35kps hoping it would free up bandwith to inscrease my downlaod rate but it didn't work.

any suggestions as to why this is happening?

oh and i checked the throttled forum and my ISP is not known for throttling so i don't thin kthats an issue.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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Wow thanks for the quick response.

that sure did the trick, my download speed is now up to 250kps

this brings up another question though.

if i am downloading something and want to seed a different torrent, is there anyway to maximize that seeding torrents upload rate whaile not effecting my download rate?

or is it that i have to choose one or the other?

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Ok, now i know.

thanks for your timely responses and all your help

this is just for curiosity sake, if my ISP max download speed is up to 3mps and upload is up to 384kps, why are my current rates so far below it? especially if my ISP is not throttling me?

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