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Varying Download Speeds


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Ok so lately i've been having a bit of trouble with uTorrent in general, but i've managed to fix it i think, since i didn't have UPnP selected in my router. But now, when i'm downloading something, it's got a green light and everything but it's downloading at about 30kb/s compared to what it should be, at around 160kb/s. So i read that guide and it suggested to download OpenOffice to check my speeds, and they got up to 150kb/s, even with a red light, (this was before i fixed that problem), but now, with what i am downloading now, it's got a green light and everything but is nowhere near that.

I have a feeling it might be something to do with my upload speed, since right now it's only uploading at 6 kb/s max. Is this just to do with the seeds? It's got 17(163) seeds. I am running wireless but my router is an Open iConnect 625W.


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Upload limit- 13kb/s

Connections per torrent- 55

Upload slots- 3

Connections global- 90

and port 54252 isn't open. Even though it should be:O

I use UPnP, randomise port, and add to firewall.

I'm not really sure about connection speed but i think it's a 1megabit connection. When i mouse over the wireless icon it says 54 mb/s.

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But not a 1 megabit/sec UPLOAD connection?

(uTorrent cares more about upload than download as far as how its settings are based/determined.)

Manually port forwarding the router to the computer's static LAN ip is generally more reliable than plug-and-pray UPnP.

You may have multiple software firewalls blocking uTorrent.

(Antivirus and antispyware software often has firewalls now!)

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I really have no idea to be honest lol:]

But how come it's downloading the OpenOffice thing fine but not this other thing?

My antivirus is just AVG and i don't think that has a firewall blocking it. How would i go about manually port forwarding as you suggested?

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See i'm a tad confused here sorry, i set it up etc. put all the different numbers into the boxes, the Subnet, the Default Gateway, DNS and so on, which one of those is your static IP adress.

Really sorry:(

Wait i see what i did wrong, i entered my actual IP adress into the box, instead of slightly changing it and entering that. Is that correct?

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