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No bandwidth at all


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Update to a newer uTorrent version, v1.8 has HUGE connectivity issues. (Half open connections were miscounted causing uTorrent to quit making new connections after awhile.)

Then try the 2nd link in my signature.

Make sure you set uTorrent's settings based on your max usable upload speed...many ISPs give short burst speeds greater than normal max, causing speed tests to return over-optimistic speed test results.

If that doesn't help, try disabling DHT (both kinds!) and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window on an active torrent).

Keep Peer Exchange enabled...though it only works with public torrents.

Reduce global and per-torrent max connections to 100 or lower.

net.max_halfopen and bt.connect_speed can be lowered to 4 each, to reduce how many new connections are attempted at once.

Also possibly disable Teredo (IPv6) and uTP connections.

Disabling uTP is easiest to do on v1.8.3 betas.

If that doesn't solve the problem, then try the 1st link in my signature.

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Thank you. but sorry to not mention that I'm using a proxy :/

This proxy had worked many times but after I clicked the reset button in the router, the proxy started to not work. Maybe it's the router. And I checked the proxy, so most likely not to be causing the problem. :) Thanks for your help so far.

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