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'Enable Local Peer Discovery' preference


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Have been running 1.7.7, just tried out,

noticed something, not sure what to make of it...

Preferences->Bittorent "Enable Local Peer Discovery" is UNchecked.

Properties for torrent inherited from 1.7.7 has "Local Peer Discovery" checked

Trackers Tab has "[Local Peer Discovery]" status "Working" (NOT 'Disabled')

Checking/UNchecking "Enable Local Peer Discovery" does not appear to affect anything, at least as regards the torrent properties page or the Trackers tab. (I don't have any local peers to test against).

As a contra-example - Enabling/Disabling DHT causes the checkbox on torrent properties page to 'gray out' or become clickable, and the tracker tab to show DHT status "Disabled" or (whatever). I guess I sort of expected similar behaviour with respect to the 'local peer discovery' preference setting...

Is this a glitch with the beta, of just how the 1.8.* series 'works'?

What is the interaction between the Preference and the Torrent Property supposed to be?


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Thanks for the reply.

Given your explanation, perhaps the label for the preference should be "Enable LPD for new torrents" (like the option immediately above it for DHT).

Or at least a note in the help file as to how the preference operates.


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