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Wrong Speed Reporting


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Hi all, first post =)

Started downloading a public torrent today (1GB) but then noticed something weird.

uTorrent said it was downloading at about 310kB/s which is my usual maximum speed (2.5mbit connection).

But after a while I noticed the percentage on the download wasn't going as fast as it should.

After few hours it was only 10% even though download speed still showed 310kB/s.

Looked at the speed graph and it was about that for the last hour.

At that speed it should have finished the download long ago.

Restarted uTorrent and after few minutes speed was only 30kB/s as it was probably for the whole time.

...As I'm writing this message speed jumped back to 310kB/s and actual downloaded data still goes much slower than that.

Something wrong with uTorrent or someone's faking an upload or something?


- Torrent reads 15GB wasted with 0 hash fails.

- There are only 4 seeds and few peers, usually speed doesn't get that high with not many people.

- When I started an http download (with IE) besides that, fake speed on the torrent went down.

Seems like its really downloading something as the speed was shared with the http one.

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