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Bad internet connection when running Bittorrent

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Okay. I'm gonna explain this the best I can.

We have a router which my computer hooks to with a cable and the other computer in the house connects to wirelessly using Netgear.

It's my sisters computer. Okay, when I start downloading in Bittorrent on my computer, even though it is nowhere near what our home networks max transfer speeds are, my sisters internet is nearly useless. The 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' happens alot.

When she is using Bittorrent and I am not, I have the same problem. Yahoo! won't sign in, internet works very limitedly. Sometimes a website will load after a few minutes with half of the images missing or something similar.

We can both use Bittorrent at the same time without connection problems within Bittorrent, but when either person uses Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Messengers, the connection is very bad.

I can use the internet and Bittorrent together and most the time it works just the same. Unless I get high download speeds, it runs normal.

Someone said to try port forwarding but I don't understand how exactly and if it would actually fix the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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