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Long time user, first time speed problems. Out of ideas.


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I have been using torrents (Azureus/uTorrent) for over five years. I've had problems here and there, but never anything I haven't been able to figure out myself. I'm totally stuck right now and very frustrated.

My ISP is currently Charter. I am getting 8-ish Mb/s down and 1.05 Mb/s up. I have been with them for four years, away (Verizon DSL) for five months, and back this week. I hate them, and wish there was an alternative but no such luck. Everything about them has always been horrible except the speed. That is, until now.

I just can't get a decent reliable speed going with uTorrent. Especially with uploads. I am stuck around 450K down and no more than 40K up. If that was constant and at the same time I wouldn't be that upset. The problem is that I used to get double that speed constantly five months ago. My 3Mb/s DSL connection was way faster the past five months.

I am using a different modem. Motorola Surfboard, which I now regret buying. Everything else is the same. I have uninstalled uTorrent and reinstalled with the recommended settings and still no such luck. I checked to see if my ISP has interfered with my modem and the IP seems to be a standard Charter IP.

I've lowered all of the settings to half of the default and just can't seem to get it working. This isn't even a port forwarding problem as I am not using a router right now. uTorrent isn't throwing up any issues and everything seems to be fine on this end. I am kind of out of ideas at this point and could use some help.

Could it be the modem? Has Charter cracked down on P2P in the five months since I haven't used them?

Any advice would help a lot.

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