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Torrents not appearing in WebUi


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The webui can't autoload torrents. Only µtorrent itself can.

So to get it to work you need to pick a folder on the machine actually running µtorrent and you need to place the torrents there.

To add a torrent using the webui you can only use the webui's Add Torrent dialog.

However, there are handy tools to make this easier though such as Ultima's µTorrent Adder that can add torrents in batches through the webui or that can add torrents by doubling-clicking them (by associating the adder with .torrent files).

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My actual setup is as follows:

I have uTorrent installed on my Windows Home Server and have it set to run as a service so that it runs when no one is logged on.

I then have Webui running so that i can manage me torrents without logging into the server and actually starting the uTorrent program.

This all works fine.

I was following a walkthrough from other sites that told me how to do this and they had the autoload configured this way. I also made a script so that the .torrent was copied to the server share to autoload, but nevermind.

Do you know if there is any chance of this autoload feature being implimented into webui?

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Auto-load in the webui is not gonna happen. An auto-load feature requires an application to be constantly running and checking the directory. µtorrent does this. However the webui only runs when you open it with a browser. As soon as you close the browser it stops running.

However if you setup µtorrent itself to auto-load from a directory and then you share that directory so you can move .torrent files to it from another machine that should work.

But the auto-load directory has to be on the same machine as µtorrent* and the µtorrent service account needs read and write access to that directory.

* Do not let utorrent auto-load torrents from a share on another machine. Constant checking of a share on another machine for new .torrent files would slow µtorrent down.

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Technically i do have uTorrent running all the time as the service is runnning it and the torrents download all the time, so surely it should monitor the folder for auto torrent loading?

It worked once but then it no longer works.

I have the torrents on a share on my home server

So the server is called SERVER and in uTorrent i have it monitoring \\SERVER\Torrents

is this ok?

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The path to the auto-loading folder must be local (such as c:\Torrents), it should not be a network path (such as \\computername\sharename).

And you must understand that it is where the utorrent service should look. Whether you can access it from your workstation is irrelevant.

As long as the µtorrent service runs on the same machine as where the auto-load folder is located, as long as you use the local path to that folder and as long as the µtorrent service account has read and write access to that folder it should work perfectly.

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I have the same problem... uTorrent running as a service on a server (i.e. utorrent.exe is running but technically noone is logged in), has auto load torrents set up and can access the folder. I am accessing the GUI using webui from another PC to check if my auto load torrents have started after I put them into the correct folder and I can see they have not been added automatically.

If I remotely manage the server to restart the utorrent service, then it immediatly picks up the auto-load torrents and adds them to the queue (and I can see them listed via the WebUI).

What is the refresh/scan time cycle for the auto-load torrents? I gave it maybe 3 minutes before getting impatient and restarting utorrent.exe, maybe I just needed to wait longer?

In my opinion this issue really shouldn't be related to the webUI, but is more likely related to the fact that utorrent is running as a service (it might be calling on explorer to scan the folder but since noone is logged in it might not work or have insufficient permissions, etc. - just an example theory, i have no idea really). From memory the auto-load works fine and sees the files almost immediately if I am running utorrent in the normal way (logged in as the same user that the service is configured to run as, but not actually running as a service)

Anyway, I'd be keen on a solution too, as I am trying to offload all after hours duties (like downloading) to my server so I can shut down my PC at night.



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