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Hi, I love µTorrent, but I think something may be better:

1.Sometimes, the files I download finished by BT, they are NOT actually finished. I don't know why, but it's possible. For example, because of compress files CRC check failure, some RAR files can not be decompressed. So pls add a option to check the files when download is finished.

2.I make all torrent stoped when added, but if I change the directory for download files, the all files will be download in new place, for example, a torrent that made by a whole directory("BBB"), when add this torrent, I choose the directory for download is "C:\AAA\BBB", click OK, then I change the download directory to "C:\", finally, all the files will be saved in "C:\" NOT in "C:\BBB". It's so weird. So pls keep the sub-directory when change download directory to a new place.

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