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slow download speeds, tried everything I can think of, help!


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Ok, I am trying to download a file, but my download speed fluctuates dramatically, anywhere from 10 kB/s to 100 kB/s if I am lucky!

I've read the speed guide things, done the speed test, and get 1800-1900 kbps for the upload speed. I've tried selecting the xx/1Mbit setting (which I believe is what I would want) but it doesn't help. I've tried adjusting the upload limit, the connections for the torrent, the connections for the global, and the upload slots, with no positive results. I've read all lot of these threads, but have come across nothing that has helped. I've even gone as low as the 50 kB/s for my upload speed with no luck.

I get my internet through Time Warner Cable, which is not listed on the forum that talks about "bad" ISPs , and I am using an ethernet cable, not the wireless on my laptop.

Any ideas why this is having such issues?

It's already been a day downloading this file, and with how slow it's going it will take another day at least before it's done unless I can get this thing going faster!

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How many seeds and peers are supposedly on the torrent, according to tracker messages?

How many seeds and peers are you connected to?

Roughly how many seeds and peers disconnect every minute?

What's the availability of the torrent?

Others on Time Warner Cable (and Road Runner) now experiencing BitTorrent slow speeds:



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