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Local Peer Discovery question


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I hope this is the correct area to ask this question, if not please forgive a newbie.

I notice this software allows for Local Peer Discovery, however under "Status" its says "Not Allowed". It has been turned on in configuration, so I am wondering why this is occurring. Could it be due to the only other P2P software on the local network being Vuze, so its not compatible? Or perhaps it is a safety feature put in the original torrent file, by the tracker to prevent abusing their statistics ratio?

What are the parameters of the Not Allowed response?

As I started this post off with, I am a newbie, and really wish to perform to the expected protocols of the P2P community. I have already reviewed the Help & FAQ sections, as well as searched & browsed the forums for similar questions to this one before I posted it. Hopefully I didn't miss it being asked before.

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