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Need help using MiniRSS brinkster.com page


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DomZ wrote:

MiniRSS wrote a nifty script to convert the RSS feed to directly link to .torrents


I have tried to build a url to use the minirss for torrent spy but I'm not getting the result I expected. I have added both the &truncateafterfinalslash=1 and &truncatebeforefinalslash=1 pram's and still get bad results in Internet Explorer

The url I am using is:

http:// www40.brinkster.com/MiniRss/custom.asp?url=http://www.torrentspy.com/rss.asp&find=/torrent/&replace=/download.asp?id=&truncateafterfinalslash=1

and I end up with links like this:


Obvously the problem is the string /Jag_Season_10_Episodes_8_11

but the neither of the truncate parms seems to affect the final link.

Does anyone have a working example they can share?


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