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Choosing from multiple network interfaces


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I have 2 internet connections, one through wired other through wireless adapter, and uTorrent uses both. It would be nice if I could be able to choose only one of them for uTorrent to use, so that all the bandwidth of the other connection would be available to other apps. That way uTorrent would not usurp all the bandwidth and I could use internet normally while downloading. Perhaps not many people with multiple internet connections, but still might be a usefull feature to be able to choose which NIC (or all) uTorrent will use.

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This feature would be very usefull for people with multiple network connections(with different traffic cost) or with VPN connection to the Internet.

This is usefull because a VPN connection often breaks down. ( For example, after disconnection the VPN interface uTorrent uses another interface and uses a more expensive traffic. )

But this feature needs some additions: uTorrent should ONLY use defined interface. If this interface was not found, then uTorrent should not start connection (or, if interface goes down, then uTorrent stops).

As noted Lazybones, it would be better to choose interface not only by IP (because of dynamic IP). I think it could be 3 options:

by IP; (for static addresses)

by network/mask; (for dynamic IPs which often belong to one network)

by Connection name.

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