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OMG help me please!!


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Please help me ive been sitting here for 8 hours trying to sort out this s**t

Im with BT Broadband, like an 8 mb connection. I have a green mark in utorrent, ports are forwarded everything. I remover my antivirus and switched off windows firewall. But, i only get 1kb/s download speeds, when im lucky.

What can this possibly be, please help me, i have read every forum ever put on the internet about anything but i dont know whats wrong here.

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Try the KNOWN to be very fast test torrents mentioned in the 1st link of my signature.

This will let us know if your problem is due to your torrents or something else.

Also, what's the max speed of your connection?

What settings are you using in uTorrent? (The 6 shown by Speed Guide CTRL+G and whatever advanced settings you've changed.)

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