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µTorrent 1.8.3 released


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A lot of fixes for this release. uTP support has been much improved to better handle mixed-mode uTP and TCP. It is not enabled by default for outgoing connections.


-- 2009-07-30: Version 1.8.3 (build 16010)

- Change: toolbar installer version

- Fix: buffer overrun vulnerability in create torrent dialog

-- 2009-07-07: Version 1.8.3 (build 15772)

- Change: detect nvlsp too (previously it only detected nvappfilter). This means it warns about it and also adjusts the processor affinity like for nvappfilter. This should reduce the crash frequency.

- Fix: more installer problems on Vista

-- 2009-06-24: Version 1.8.3 (build 15728)

- Change: UAC must be completed to install in Vista or higher

- Fix: memory leaks in main window, protocol associations, settings dialog, general tab

-- 2009-06-16: Version 1.8.3 (build 15658)

- Change: Tweaks to Ask toolbar offer

-- 2009-06-13: Version 1.8.3 (build 15638)

- Fix: make "alternate upload rate when seeding" apply when the seeding is set by the scheduler

- Fix: align "Web Seeds" in torrent creation dialog

- Fix: translated strings in uninstaller

-- 2009-06-05: Version 1.8.3 (build 15589)

- Fix: http seeds would not reconnect after stopping and starting torrent

- Fix: http seed for multifile torrents

-- 2009-06-01: Version 1.8.3 (build 15571)

- Fix: regression in 15562 that caused frequent crashes

-- 2009-05-29: Version 1.8.3 (build 15562)

- Fix: regression of not checking newly added files

- Fix: crash on Vista

-- 2009-05-22: Version 1.8.3 (build 15520)

- Feature: New installer with EULA, file association

- Fix: uTP issue on low-latency high-throughput networks

- Fix: copying long filenames to the clipboard no longer results in garbage or crash

- Fix: create torrent layout

- Fix: fixed web seed support for multi-file torrents

- Change: torrent whose "Force Recheck" is greyed out will not recheck when asked through multi-torrent selections

- Fix: when adding torrents through URLs via commandline, we would always open the add torrent dialog

- Fix: handle multi file torrents with web seed urls that incorrectly don't end with a slash

- Fix: make sure web seed urls end with a slash for multifile torrents

- Fix: setup Vista firewall

- Fix: remove settings on Vista during un-installation

-- 2009-05-05: Version 1.8.3 (build 15358)

- Fix: uTP packet size fix. Sometimes it would send packets exceeding MTU. Fixes long standing rate oscillations.

- Change: rss.feed_as_default_label controls whether a torrent added from a feed is given the feed's name as a label

-- 2009-04-28: Version 1.8.3 (build 15289)

- Fix: fixed crash when receiving a malformed PEX message

- Fix: evades potential crash when reporting crashdumps

- Fix: crash when parsing some magnet uri components without values

- Fix: crash when starting a torrent in super seed mode and connecting to peers before it's completely loaded

- Change: Scam site warning in installer

-- 2009-04-08: Version 1.8.3 (build 15104)

- Change: Installer UI checkbox whether to install or run standalone

- Change: Left align numeric fields in settings

- Fix: Remember category list selection after adding a torrent

- Fix: download rate limiter for uTP connections

- Change: Disabled feed icon has precedence over broken feed icon

- Fix: DHT bootstrap failures now have an exponential back-off

-- 2009-04-01: Version 1.8.3 (build 14984)

- Fix: uTP would not ramp up its rate fast enough

- Change: .torrent association not a factor in displaying the installer

- Fix: remove file association registry keys on uninstall

- Fix: invalid encoding of non-ascii urls in web seeds

- Fix: uTP fix when receiving acks for old packets

- Fix: uTP variable packet size bug

- Change: link to EULA in installer

- Fix: don't wait indefinitely for trackers and UPnP when shutting down (two new advanced options)

- Change: Enable DEP Compatibility and Image Randomization

- Fix: default download folder was not used when using the WebUI

-- 2009-03-13: Version 1.8.3 (build 14809)

- Fix: fixed crash bug when some invalid uTP packets were received

- Fix: improved TCP/uTP mixed mode

- Fix: removed limit of 100 running torrents

-- 2009-03-06: Version 1.8.3 (build 14755)

- Change: support some older skins

- Fix: .dat file memory leak

- Fix: Torrent create bug introduced while optimizing file order

-- 2009-03-04: Version 1.8.3 (build 14715)

- Change: Preserve file order text

- Fix: Prompt for .torrent association with new installs

- Change: Default bt.graceful_shutdown=true and diskio.no_zero=true

- Fix: Integrity check .dat files after saving. Do not overwrite file.dat.old with a bad file.dat

- Change: added code for handing bundles with the bundle type encoded in the bundle

- Change: modified the bundle code to unconditionally pop up dialog box

- Change: modified installer to remove the extra 32 bytes for the bundle type when installing from bundle

- Fix: no longer shows "make this your default .torrent handler" when running a bundle

- Change: added checkbox to the build torrent dialog so the user has the option not to rearrange the file order.

- Change: Modified the string for the "Start Seeding" checkbox to use 't' as the shortcut since 's' was being used by "Create and Save As..."

- Change: lengthen "About" dialog

- Feature: language selector and downloader before installer

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I have 1.8.2 And am trying ti install 1.8.3. The file downloads, but when I open it .it opens the old version 1.8.2. Do i have to uninstall 1.8.2? I tried deleted the exe, but it wouldnt let me. Apologies , Im just a newbie at this.


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guys thanks very much for this great app.

i feel relieved that after ludwig sold it, it didn't turn out to be one of those crappy commercial apps which weights like 100mb and has a lot of worthless stuff.

keep up the good work!

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The default value is 13, but I don't find any information about this value. Is not better put an option button out of Advanced settings to select if you want:

# Incoming TCP

# Incoming uTP

# Outgoing TCP

# Outgoing uTP

# Both TCP and uTP, incoming + outgoing (future-proof setting, always will mean this)

# Both TCP and uTP, incoming + outgoing (default)

Instead settings differents values which you need to know before configure it?

@ Thanks moogly and rafi ;)

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The same question at each new update. :D

Auto-update is progressive to track possible crash just after the update. That takes few days. Just be patient.

You can update your client manually, erase the previous utorrent.exe in Program Files\uTorrent by the new one.

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Why on 1.8.3 build 15638 some rss icons display correctly (according to tstatus.bmp)

and others no (displaying the default rss icons, ut comes.) ?

PS: I use one of the latest tstatus.bmp and on 1.8.2 all icons were ok.

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