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Tracker details for online/offline links etc. Icons !?


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I like how the red icon shows up on a tracker that isn't working. However to remove it from the tracker list you literally have to speed read the text in the General details tab of the torrent to see which tracker is actually offline. Is it possible the tracker window accessed via properties can be revamped to show what the trackers are really doing? Also instead of the whole tracker list being text, could each tracker be selectable with one click that makes it blue (default windows color) and a double click to edit it.

To make things more clearer, I made a mockup image to best explain what I am requesting.


There would be an additional mouse over text/icon/bubble thing on each tracker that tells you if a torrent is online,offline,responding. It would be a dream if it also said how many peers were on that tracker for the torrent in question as well.

The red icon indicates a non working tracker. A blue icon indicates a tracker that is online and working but not currently downloading from. A green icon indicates online, working and downloading from. Double clicking a tracker by default goes into edit mode. Selecting and hitting the DEL key will remove it. Right clicking will bring ujp a context menu to edit or delete it.

All simple and neat just like uTorrent which so far I love to bits hehe.

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