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? Many seeds -> Slow download - Few seeds -> Faster download


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I'm having a really strange problem..

I messed up with options and all the downloads stopped so i had to delete settings.dat and settings.dat.old to restore the default settings. After i did that, all torrents started but they are all downloding at 5 kbs - 10 kbs while only 1, the 1 that has only 4 seeds, while the other have like 200 but they are still slow, is downloading at 100kbs

Can someone help me please? ^^

EDIT: I found out that the only torrent that is downloading pretty fast is a private torrent, i forgot that xD, so I'm having a problem with public trackers... seems so

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I'm really sorry if i didn't did this before but i really followed the "SLOW/INTERRUPTED INTERNET CONNECTION OR OFFLINE TRACKERS while µTorrent is running" guide, when you gave me the link i thought that you were asking me if i followed that guide not that you were asking me to post all these info ^^

- I've tried this guide: "SLOW/INTERRUPTED INTERNET CONNECTION OR OFFLINE TRACKERS while µTorrent is running" step by step but after that all dl stopped so i had to restore all default settings of uTorrent

- I have the green circle in the lowest part of utorrent, "Network ok" but PortChecker says that my port is not open

- My Max Upload is 50kbs while the Max Download is set at 200kbs

- After Ctrl+G i see the following info:

Upload Limit: 50 kbs

Slot Upload: 8

Connection (for torrent): 100

Global Connections: 750

Maximum number of active torrents: 9

Maximum number of downloading torrents: 9

- net.max_halfopen is set at 8 and i haven't apllied any TCPIP patch

- Vista Home Premium 32b

- I have unistalled AVG

- Router is called ZIO, sorry don't know the exact model but I remeber that i have forwarded the port for utorrent even in Window but also in the Router "web page" don't know how to call it, i remember that i put my ip in the browser and then i forwarded the port

- My ISP is Fastweb (Italy) and my connection type is DSL

Thank you for your help!

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Thank you a lot for following this post and trying to help me :D

Srry if i missed that info: anyway i have wireless and speed SHOULD (the provider says) be 6mb in download but i have 2mb (wireless?) and in upload i have 0.60mb

Thank you in advance

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Wireless performs even worse than wired ISPs as far as max connections at once are concerned...so you may need to limit max connections to 60 or less.

And also disable Resolve IPs...and maybe even DHT, LPD, UPnP, and NAT-PMP as well!

Lowering bt.connect_speed from 20 a second to only 1-4 a second can help too!

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