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Complete internet disconnection.


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Hi, I'm not sure if my problem relates to one of the other threads but sounds quite similar.

I can run my desktop with uTorrent and everything is fine, I can run the wife's laptop with uTorrent and again all fine but when I try and run through my laptop it disconnects the whole internet and I have to reboot the router.

I have uninstalled and re-installed uTorrent, messed around with the router settings as much as I know how to... I'm running with Sky LLU Broadband.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Ok... Been through all the steps shown and still not working.

I've never had this issue before and been using uTorrent for a couple of years.

It started out disconnecting after 10 minutes then after unistalling an re-installing the software the drop was instant. I'd played about with the settings and port forwarding with no luck.

Gonna try other software to see if that works.

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