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strange problem


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any help welcome

im have upload spikes that slows my download speed every 8-10 seconds


if im downloading

and i set my upload speed to (eg.) 22kB/s

when my download speed gets to (500+kB/s)

the upload drops to 10kB/s or lower then spikes to 28-35kB/s and my download speed go's down to 150-250kB/s then start to rise again this happens over and over


each spike makes my download speed drop


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Yes but them policys for Virgin media have been out ages

and my problem has only just started cant see it being isp throttling when its just upload spikes like in the picture seems somethng interupts my upload or my HDD reads/writes for second or two the utorrent catches up with spike of data

if i test downloading Open Office torrent file from www.openoffice.org

i get full connection 1.1meg down for the full file with no problems but it does not use alot of my upload speed

could it have anything to do with my hard drive? from the upload side of things

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Virgin DOES screw with BitTorrent traffic, they even said so not too long ago:


"the firm intends to lead the ISP industry in new network services that exploit customer data."

The rest of uTorrent's settings probably don't match your upload limits.

And you might be having slight overloads on your connection due to the mismatch.

So...what's the measured max usable upload speed for your connection?

What's the settings you're using as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) in uTorrent?

What advanced settings have you changed? (And to what?)

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