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Setting up subfolders and refreshing?


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I like to keep my downloads in one place and in a fairly good filing system, having features, music, books and pictures all seperated by different folders however...

When I do this I cannot find anyway to refresh the whole download folder to refind stuff and end up with utorrent telling me it cannot find anything, when I replace it all back it still refuses to find stuff.

Is there anyway to tell it to "refresh" as it does on various other programs?

Without this option I only have two courses of action, either have everything in the single folder jumbled up so I can barely find anything after a few weeks of downloading or remove the seeds and place them elsewhere for easy finding, but I dont want to have to do that...I always seed files when I have them, afterall, if I have them to share I might as well pass them on as someone did for me.

I am pretty much a newbie at utorrent so pictures would be great if they exist so I know what i am looking for:)

Thanks for answering, or at least reading :)

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