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Slow browsing with uTorrent.


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uTorrent is eating up all my bandwidth. Trying to browse the Internet in both IE and firefox is impossible while something is downloading in uTorrent (at any speed 40kbs or 150kbs, it doesn't matter).

I am on a 'new' computer with the same Internet that I had used before with uTorrent on my old computer. The firewall is not blocking it and it shouldn't my AV or Internet connection.

Here are spec's and other system information that may or may not be compatible.

I have ESET Smart Security 3.0.667.0 BUT I did what the thread said in this forum about changing stuff and that didn't work. I have this on my other computer and it runs with uTorrent fine anyway.

XP home sp3

100 Mbps Internet Connection

VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter

SpeedStream 6520 Series Router

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Followed everything BUT this part "net.max_halfopen"(cant find in list) and this part "patching TCPIP.sys" as I dont want to patch anything just this yet. I can reload browser pages now, although it is still dreadfully slow.

Actually scratch that. file was paused. Just as slow as ever following the above link.

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