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Forwarded port, no firewall, P2P-friendly ISP, but "not connectable"


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I get either yellow or red sign/flag that says "Not connectable - your firewall/router is blocking your traffic" when I roll mouse over it. I am using the recently released 1.8.3 version.

I checked the port with uTorrent port checker (that "test" button) and it said that my port is accepting connections. I use a local city wireless private WiFi ISP that offers high speeds and it is P2P friendly. Its not a satellite/3G connection. Its a WiFi tower connection for several apartment complexes within the city limits. I don't use any other firewalls. My ISP has 7 ports opened and I tried them all, but I still get yellow and red signs. It turns green once in a blue moon (almost never). My speeds are OK, but they could be better (not as good as HTTP download speeds). I tried messing with UPnP settings inside uTorrent, but whether the box is ticked or unticked makes no difference.

So why am I "not connectable" ?

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