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No Kick for 1.8.3


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I am currently downloading something and it seems that a leecher/seeder is sending us bad pieces, ie., they don't pass the hashing.

I've been trying 1.8.2 and 1.8.3 for some hours now and it seems that with 1.8.2, that specific leecher/seeder would be kicked after 4 or 5 failed hash checks.

However, with 1.8.3, after 10 hash check fails and 10 Hasherrs he's still not kicked.

One thing I've noticed is this: he'd come in, spread his bad pieces, get out and then get back in again and it seems that 1.8.3 can't just catch him. However, even with the same activity, catches him and kicks him out faster.

1.8.3 is build 15638

1.8.2 is build 15357

So what do you think guys?

And by the way, the peers tab indicated that he's also using 1.8.3.

follow up:

eventually the culprit was caught and kicked...so yes, 1.8.3 kicks as well.

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