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Forwarding randomized port


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I am using utorrent with the Ultrasurf proxy. I have set the firewall built-into my ATT router to let the program go thru.

If I remember correctly, that configuration requires to specify the open port.

But I would like to use the port randomization of utorrent, which means that the port changes with every session of uTorrent. For example, now the port in Speed Guide is 45380.

When I download a torrent, I get the green icon which says everything is OK. But when I test if the port is forwarded properly I get:

An error has occurred!

Port 45380 does not appear to be open.


The following folder is created and contains certain uTorrent settings files:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data

Is there a way to direct the data to a user defined directory, rather than let it be created there?

Pls advise. Thanks

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