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Windows Vista Ultimate x64 tcpip.sys


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I use Windows Vista Ultimate x64

Long time ago when i was using Utorrent i saw this message at the "Event Viewer" ...

TCP/IP has reached the security limit on the number of concurrent (incomplete) TCP connect attempts.

so i decide to put a patch to overpass the hard coded limit of half open connections ... there my nightmare start ...

At first when i put the patch, i restarted the system, only to get an error in signatures who didn't let me boot into windows, i was hopeless punching my poor keyboard and ready to format my drive (i use PGP WDE, so i can't even repair windows with the CD), anyway, in a last intent i tried with F8, and i dissable INTEGRITY_CHECKS thanks god i could boot ...

ok since there i was using F8 in order to boot and use uTorrent, but another problem rised, tcpip.sys BSODS !!! all the time (of course, always when i was using uTorrent), so i go back to my old tcpip driver and now i am in zero again; After a few minutes of uTorrent use i can't even surf the web !! i don't know what to do, i don't want to patch again tcpip.sys, i have all the default setting in uTorrent and i already tryed lowering the half open connections with NO results, any advice ?

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Problem solved !!

DO NOT install ANY thrid pary tcpip.sys driver because windows vista will make your life imposible until you go back to original signed version ... Now the solution is out there and is official, you just have to download Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (one of the features includes in the pack, simply REMOVES the stupid "half open" limitation) that's it.

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935791/#Method3 > Here you can download SP2

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