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0 seed 120 Peers


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I have been downloading a file for over 2 weeks but it's still not complete! It shows 82.7% done but it seems it's stuck at 82.7% because I am seeing this number for over a week now. It shows 0 seed and 120 peers but it is not downloading, instead it's keep uploading.

Any thoughts? will appreciate your input.



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a few possibilities:

1. it's possibly an old torrent where, the last seeder thought that there would be no more leechers, so he deleted the torrent from his client.

2. the seeder(s) got tired of the leechers such that, in spite giving all his/their upload bandwidth to the torrent, the leechers seem to ask too little data (seeders receiving too many snubs), because possibly, the leechers are downloading too many a torrent and priority wasn't given to that specific torrent.

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