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i need help connection


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i have been using utorrent for about 3 months now and i was looking around trying to find ways of making torrent download faster. well i go playing around with the preference setting and now nothing is downloading and there is a orange triange at the bottom of the screen that says NO INCOMING CONNECTIONS and also when i go to the speed guide screen and click on TEST IF PORT IS FORWARDED PROPERLY i get an ERROR message saying PORT DOENT APPEAR TO BE OPEN. im thinking maybe if there is someone that has never touched there preferences can help me out with the numbers

CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE???????????????????

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Your computer, router, or modem is blocking uTorrent.

Software firewalls or hardware routers probably...

portforward.com ROUTERS section tells how to configure modems and routers.

Software firewalls typically need to be configured or uninstalled completely to prevent them from blocking uTorrent.

Software firewalls are OFTEN found in antivirus software now!

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