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Problem with uTorrent and Outpost firewall


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I just installed version 1.1.4 and now Outpost Firewall 3.0 is reporting every few minutes that it has blocked an IP spoofing attack. The MAC and IP address that Outpost reports to be the origin of the attack is that of my wireless router. This happens every minute or so when I am running more than one torrent but less often when I am only running one torrent. Has anyone else experience this?


Looking at Outpost forums it looks like this may be an issue the the newest version of Outpost and not uTorrent. Still has anyone had this problem or been able to find a solution?

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Add the router IP to the exclusions lists (Attack Detection -> Properties -> Advanced -> Exclusions - Hosts)... It's also recommended to add the port used in uTorrent to trusted ports.

If you still get these reports you could uncheck "Block intruder when he spoofs his IP address" (in Attack Detection -> Properties -> Ethernet).

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AYE29: Yep, just follow the advice being offered by Switeck and Phaser. Outpost Pro is a mighty fine firewall with some additional security features not found in others. One of them is the "Ethernet Attack Detection" and this appears to be causing a conflict with µTorrent. The solution to getting µTorrent working correctly with Outpost is to do the following:-

1) Find out which port (or range of ports) µTorrent is binding to.

2) Open up the "Attack Detection Properties" in Outpost.

3) Click on the "ETHERNET" tab.

4) Uncheck the box which says "BLOCK INTRUDER WHEN HE SPOOFS HIS IP ADDRESS".

5) Click on the "ADVANCED" tab

6) At the bottom of the pop-up box you will see "EXCLUSIONS"

7) Click on the "PORTS" button and enter the port number (or range of ports) which µTorrent is binding to. You MUST do this for UDP (very important).

The above instructions will definitely resolve your problems :-)

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