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I love utorrent its a good programme,

but i cannot figure out how to use the scheduler so i can d/l overnight when i have a heap

of d/l time.

I really need detailed instructions,

1. do u leave utorrent programme open or close it & the scheduler opens it up?

2. i think to use the sched from say 2am to 10am you just put those specific boxes into the

dark green & do u then change every other box in there to white?

3.what do u set it to d/l stop,pause,start etc.,

can't think of anything else to ask :)

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wow that was quick, thanx sport :)

you said 1> no

so is it open or closed :)

2> if you don't want uTorrent doing any downloads or uploads during the white timeframe.

ok now i know i was doing that part ok,i white out all the times i do not want it d/l.

3> you leave all tasks in a started state (downloading, seeding queued, queued seed).

hmm but if i leave it open & it is d/l, it will keep d/l when i cannot afford it too.

unless i close the programme

so have to be sure its between the hours i can afford.

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ok will do that :)



i got the new version & it will not do anything except open up the same old prog.

Now can i do an uninstall on the old prog. or will i lose all my half d/l stuff?

then try the new utorrent d/l prog.

sorry i am new to all this.l

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