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putting uTorrent on a different gateway


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my home network is a 192.168.1.x network, and there are two gateways (ADSL modem / router).

my main computer has two NICs.

is it possible to use one gateway for utorrent and the other for everything else?

or failing that, is there is software solution for bandwidth aggregation?

i would be very happy if someone could guide me with my issues.



ps.: i am running Vista Ultimate SP1 and uTorrent

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thanx for the reply!

i wanted to do thatr at the beginning, but two things stopped me.:

1) many people are warning against having two different gateways on a single computer

from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/159168

i dont know if it affects this situation also.

2) i bind uTorrent to the second NIC and the gateway. but what is preventing the other applications, and the system itself from latching on to the second gateway.

i heard something about routing tables. will i have to do something with that?

basically the two gateways are and

my computer is (NIC1) and (NIC 2)

there are other computers - all of them use 1.2 as the default gateway so it is a bit congested

i want to dedicate 1.1 for uTorrent exclusively from my computer.

and i want to use 1.2 for mail / browsing, etc..

please reply if there is a workable solution...

thanx for helping!


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