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slow speeds, and all ports seem to be closed


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always get speeds around 3-30 kbps

either yellow or red sign at the bottom

ive turned windows firewall off, no others are running

any port i check (no matter what port!) with all port checkers it always says it closed

hav gone to the router and opened the ports i needed but hasnt worked

please help me with this one if you can, much appreciated! Thanks!

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Blame your ISP (or their ISP!), British Telecom...BT Central ADSL ISP in the UK:


"BT, for instance, recent became Ellacoya's single largest customer, using its gear to support more than 3 million broadband subscribers. ...whenever half the country decides to download an episode of Little Britain using P2P, BT uses QoS to make sure a fixed amount of bandwidth is always available to IPTV."

NUMEROUS posts here recently from other posters on BT Central are having the same problem.

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