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2 torrents for the same file


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Ok, first of all sorry if a thread like this already exists.


I have ripped a cd, made a torrent, uploaded and are still seeding an album on tracker A.

Then I made a new torrent(same album) with an announce for tracker B which I uploaded(to tracker B). But when I wanna add that torrent in my seedbox, nothings happen. .

It seems like I only can have 1 torrent for every folder/file/whatever. Or is it possible to seed on the same folder/file/blabla with two different torrents?

OBS. Do not tell me to put both of the announce in the same torrent.

Thanks for help


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Very likely the hash of both torrents are the same. µTorrent cannot run two seperate torrents of the same hash.

When you try to add the second torrent of the same hash through the normal interface you would normally get the option to add the tracker urls to the existing torrent.

However in the webui adding the torrent simply fails. The error reporting in the current webui is fairly limited so it will just seem like nothing happens at all.

You only have two options:

[ol][li]You add the tracker url to the existing torrent.

[/li][li]You force the hash of the second torrent to differ from the first (easiest way is to add an empty file to it).


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