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Download speed stuck at about 30kb/s


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Hi! i recently found my download speed at around 30kb/s and i tried the sticky guide to port-forward and to check if my IPS is blocking the torrent transfer. Everything is done but it is still stuck at 30kb/s. Here is some of my internet info, it is a little more complicated because there is a modem and a phone adapter, so here goes:

Modem: 2wire 2701HG-G (has router function)

Phone adapter: Linksys phone adapter with router SPA2102-R

ISP: Bell internet

I got a private IP address in window setting and i try to set both of the modem at the same address but didn't work well. I manage to get my phone adapter to set the same IP but not the modem 2wire.

On utorrent it has a green check and said the port is open but i still got 30kb/s (as well as the PFPortchecker said that is open)

My upload rate is set at 50kb/s

If you need more info, please tell me.

Thanks for your help!

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ISP: Bell internet

...means Bell ADSL ISP in Canada?

If so, little surprise! (Search forums for other examples)

Also, your upload rate is set at 50 KiloBYTES/sec?

Do you mean that's the max limit you set in uTorrent?

Or the amount uTorrent's currently uploading?

Or both?

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