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I created a torrent with utorrent, cannot seed :(


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I created a torrent with utorrent.

Added a directory and trackers:






"Web Seeds" i left blank, and ticked "Start seeding".

Uploaded to Mininova:


I asked friends to download, they see the torrent but cannot start the download. I cannot seed.

Things i have triend:

- Options > Preferences > Advanced > peer.lazy_bitfield = true

- Options > Preferences > BitTorrent > Protocol encryption > Forced

- Options > Speed guide > Connection type: xx/100Mbit

- Options > Preferences > Queueing > Maximum number of active torrents 25, downloads 25

- Force-Starting torrent

- Stopping utorrent client, restarting

- Stopping torrent, Force Re-Check

- Copying the torrents files (located at D:/Music/Album) to the same directory as my download directory (D:/Downloads)

- Stopping my antivirus.

I can download and seed existing torrents.

I have wasted 2 hours on this. I'm ready to give up.

Why does it have to be so hard? :(((

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Your torrent is made incorrectly (the trackers you've provided don't talk to each other, so they MUST be placed in separate tiers)

Additionally, if your client is not reachable, it could take upwards of an hour of you leaving things running without fiddling with anything for things to start working properly.

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