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Confused a bit here.


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Hello, forumites :D

I'm new to this whole thing but I followed the instructions very carefully and did exactly what it told me to do in order to get decent speeds.

Yesterday everything seem fine when I forwarded a port even though the download speed was excellent it was telling my port wasnt open but the green icon was there so i thought everything is fine. I setup static Ip adress and forwarded the port the way it should be. since late last night and today the whole day so far I can't get speeds higher then 30kb (if im lucky) but my upload speed is at 70KB or higher sometimes. Now the icon is red at the bottom indicating no incoming connection. I restarded the router and the desktop several times. Still nothing.

Can you please help me and tell me what I have done wrong and how I can correct it?


Modem is Echolife HG520b

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