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Torrent or connection settings? (slow speeds)


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First off I have all firewalls disabled and anti virus disabled. Ok I've only tried downloading one torrent so far so it may be the torrent but im not sure. Anyhow I am downloading at 75kb/s at the moment and then every 10mins I get speeds up to 300kb/s for a few seconds and goes to 20kb/s

Seeds 6(11) - Peers 7(35) - Downspeed 52kb/s - upspeed 87.4kb/s

I have these settings,

Connection type: 1mbit/s

using port 45682

UPnP port mapping enabled

NAT-PMP port mapping enabled

maximum global upload rate: 92

maximum global connections: 200

maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 60

number of upload slots per torrent: 6

basic bittorrent features: all checked besides limit local peer bandwidth

protocol ecryption outgoing enabled and allow incoming legacy connections checked


queue settings

maximum nmber of active torrents: 6

maximum number of active downloads: 5

I have the tcpip.sys patch

edit: my upspeed using speakeasy was 1612kbps

using utorrent 1.8.3 and I have the green circled check in the status bar

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That torrent just isn't very well seeded. It's hard to get much in the way of speeds from a torrent like that.

Also, are you sure that's your -REAL- sustained upload speed? Comcast does have the Powerboost function which temporarily increases your max download/upload.

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