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HELP ME- submit my basic PDF Ebook, to torrent sites- Please


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Hello people Jen from Uk, im a bit torrent newbie (or a bit torrent virgin lol)

(appologies if i posted this in the wrong section x)

I was wondering if somebody could help me-

i need a simple 5 page pdf ebook converted to a torrent, and then uploaded on the major popular torrent sites, and then distributed and downloaded loadssss of times as a result of this.

But as i have computer issues here, and know this place would be full of people who have done file uploading to torrent sites regularly thought id ask here, for somebody to do this for me.

so you will have to - 1) make the file into a torrent 2) distribute it to all the torrent sites 3) hopeing it wil get mass distribution and mass downloads.

Can somebody please help me and do this task for me ? (please add me on kudos_2004@hotmail.com - or email me)

[and dont give me guides or videos how to do it, just let me know if you can please do it for me, im sure it is simple for most of you]


Luv Jen x

(If you can do this job for me- email me at kudos_2004@hotmail.com)

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And what is it that is preventing you from creating such a .torrent file, and yet, not preventing you from uploading this PDF to someone to create the .torrent file?

dont give me guides or videos how to do it

So you'd prefer to stay a self-proclaimed BitTorrent "newbie" for what cause? The guide isn't terribly difficult to follow (yes, I just gave a guide).

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