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uTorrent "crashes" TP-Link Routers' UPnP


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Hi there. I've been using TP-Link routers for some time. My first one was the WR542G and now I have a WR941ND. UPnP works fine for almost every app. eMule, Soulseek, Windows Live Messenger, Teredo and almost anything that uses UPnP. uTorrent too, but it has a strange behavior.

If I use any of the other programs, all of them use UPnP to open their ports... I've tested with 3 PCs, one connected through the LAN interface and two through the WLAN.

Every PC was able to open ports for Teredo (in one PC's case, since it's the only one using Windows Vista (at the time I tested... now I'm with 7, and it's still the same. The others use XP), eMule, Soulseek and eventually WLM. At the same time, no problem. Then I closed everything and started uTorrent in a PC running XP.

Once I started it, it used UPnP. Curiously, the other programs simply couldn't use UPnP anymore. Plus, when I close a program, its ports are gone from the UPnP page. With uTorrent, the ports remains there for quite a long time after I closed the program or even shut the PC down.

Then I started uTorrent in the Vista PC. It forwarded its ports OK. So... when I start uTorrent in one PC, only uTorrent can use UPnP. It won't let any other thing (after I started it, of course... the ports that were opened before remain opened til I close the program that opened them) forward ports using UPnP. At least on the same PC. I forgot to test if I could UPnP using uTorrent in one PC and eMule on another PC, for example.

I was using uTorrent 1.8.2. Windows was clean, no viruses, nothing...

Please, take a look and tell me what I can do to help

Thanks for this great program!

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Well there is a contradiction in your explanation: to use uT, you forward ports manually in your router then you want to use UPnP to open ports!

You have to do a choice: either you forward a port manually, or UPnP do it automatically.

If you want to use UPnP with uT: enable UPNP in uT (disable NAT-PNP), check random port or not (if not, enter a port number) and verify your router supports UPnP.

So when you start uT, the client uses UPnP to create 2 portforwarding rules (TCP&UDP). Then when you close uT properly, rules are deleted via UPnP.

My hint:

* Use UPnP with a statical port in uT.

In some cases (if you turn off suddenly your router, or disconnect wifi or ethernet cable), UPnP works not properly and the port can stay forwarded in the router.

So with random port checked in uT, you will see many ports remaining open in the router and not closed.

So just set a fixed port number in uT with UPnP. If the port is already mapped, uT will use it.

* Same thing with Teredo using by uT. Teredo opens random port at each start of uT but doesn't close it.

To set a fixed port for Teredo, read this post: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=399975#p399975

You can reset it of course.

(use ports not too close, 50000 for uT and 60000 for Teredo is good).

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Of course I'm not forwarding ports manually AND using UPnP at the same time for the same ports -_-

If I did, what would be the point in using UPnP?

The thing is: I don't drop the connection in any way. The only thing that happen is:

- ANy program can open as many ports as they wish suing UPnP, IF UTORRENT IS NOT USING UPNP TO FORWARD PORTS.

- If uTorrent uses UPnP, the programs that used UPnP to forward ports BEFORE uTorrent work OK and when I close these programs, theirs ports vanish from the UPnP list in the router. But any program I open AFTER uTorrent can't use UPnP to anything.

- When I close uTorrent, its ports remain in the list for some time, like 5 minutes. Until they're gone, I still can't make UPnP work with other programs.

Got It?

I'm not forwarding the ports manually (during the tests. Since UPnP doesn't work OK, I need to forward them manually when I'm using it normally).

As you can see, since forward ports mannually, I'm using a fixed port.

You said "So when you start uT, the client uses UPnP to create 2 portforwarding rules (TCP&UDP). Then when you close uT properly, rules are deleted via UPnP."

That's exactly what I'm doing, and that's exactly what's not happening!

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