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No incomming connection in uTorrent. On other PC its fine.


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Hello. I have 2 PCs. I've wifi connection. In my one pc, nothing is downloading/uploading @ my connection speed. But on other PC its working like a charm. Both PC using wifi connection. I think no port forwarding is needed because on 2nd pc its working. But on the other hand on the first pc its not working.

I use my mobile internet to download files from 1st pc just for checking purpose and its working fine.

I m confused now .. What to do. I've latest version in 1st pc and 1.7.6 in 2nd.

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No. I didn't. Ok I changed my port to 6112 for my first PC.

This problem happens today. From my first PC I already downloaded many stuffs without any problem. But from afternoon this is happening. I didn't did anything unusual.

http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=6112 --- Port Not Open

Edit - The icon bottom is red and its showing, You should change Listen Port. Whats that and how to do ?

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