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Wireless Broadband Internet error


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Having used BearShare which supports NAT traversal (also called UDP NAT hole-punching), it does not eliminate the TCP firewalled condition. There is even more complex conditions of UDP unsolicited unfirewalled and UDP solicited unfirewalled -- so a connection can be unfirewalled, unfirewalled but only for UDP, "semi-firewalled" even for UDP, and "hopelessly" firewalled on both TCP and UDP.

NAT traversal doesn't actually eliminate all the blocking effects of the firewall or NAT router. It just creates a special condition where both end parties negotiate a hole through it that works for the file transfer...but assumes the connection is long-lived in order to be very useful. From what I've seen, many BitTorrent connections last only a couple minutes. The renegotiation process to reconnect to get more of the torrent could be problematic even with "perfect" connections.

Unless the BitTorrent protocol has tracker-side support for seeds/peers reporting themselves as firewalled and/or behind a NAT, firewalled and unfirewalled sources will still try vainly to directly connect via TCP to firewalled connections. It's only when they fail (repeatedly?) that they might fall back and try connecting via NAT traversal (UDP NAT hole-punching).

In short, NAT traversal (UDP NAT hole-punching) is not nearly as good as being unfirewalled. But it is significantly better than being firewalled.

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