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Problems with my torrents, again


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Alright, I'm back again.

Because of a bunch of problems I had with bad drives, drives that died and trying to back my shit up to my NAS. I have been renaming and moving my folders which obviously screwed up my torrents and at one point I had lost it all.

Well, that was fixed 'cause that drive fired back up so I got my stuff back but now, I've done something else.

I HAVE the program pointing to the right directories but when I do a recheck, it DOES find things and gets it ready to download but it starts at 0% and I KNOW I had a bunch of them partially downloaded.

What's the deal and how do I fix that?

I mean, if there were NO information already downloaded, I wouldn't have a torrent directory (downloaded torrents) of 180 gigs would I?

Can I fix this or do I have to start all over again?



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Can't help you but I have a similar problem. Hope this is not interpreted as hi-jacking the thread.......

After backing up to and fro between drives (faulty Tosh external drive the culprit) I try to re-establish my torrents to continue seeding. The files are there and fully downloaded (most had already seeded for days) and I can play 'em on VLC, but when I reload the torrent, the re-check stops very quickly, shows little or no pieces found and so download starts. Not all files are affected.

As we have both been copying files between drives it may well be that someone out there can please tell us what has gone wrong and how to avoid it in future???


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First, I know people are picky with this but personally, I not only don't care if you hijack the thread, this IS a similar issue so you just go ahead.

Second, I DID get my problem solved so let's see if I can help YOU.

Alright, here's what I did. I had myself been moving crap back and forth but mostly, renaming folders so I could keep track of what I had moved. Ie, torrents was renamed to done-torrents or copied-torrents and like I dumbass, I didn't realize it would mess them up.

The problem is, when you do that, you have to manually recheck it all. Sometimes it works and sometimes as you know, it stops immediately and shows 0.

Well, this freaked me out cause I had 180 gigs worth which means, LOTS of partial files and I didn't want to have to download them again so finally I started experimenting.

I decided to start fresh.

I renamed or moved my crap to new directories, especially the folders where it's looking for the actual torrents and NOT the downloads. Again, I KNEW there was info there but utorrent couldn't see it.

I also shortened the folder names thinking maybe they're too damn long and too many sub folders.

I also took my torrent folders (you know, the small files you initially download) and put them in a separate torrent directory IN the torrent directory which holds the downloads. I did this to keep from confusing myself when looking for something and would see two similarly named folders.

Here's what my current directory window looks like uTorrent-Directory-Settings.jpg as you can see, the torrents are in the directories where the rest of the stuff is so it's easier to find and then each category has a subfolder. Ie, LOAD or FINISHED.

I changed this in utorrent and did a proper EXIT.

Then I followed some advice I read here I think and uninstalled utorrent and made sure it was gone and then installed the same one again. In my case, I have the 1.9 beta which seems to download faster than my older version.

WHEN I opened it up and did the recheck, it did the check AND reported back the correct percentages.

Give that a shot and let us kow.


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Hi George

Many many thanks for posting that information. I will re-establish my folders like yours tonight and re-install uT after.

I think I have discovered why some of my files were corrupted - the external Toshiba drive was running first on an old usb1 port, but I had problems with the boot drive. I cloned and replaced the drive (Maxtor free Clone download, thanks Maxtor) and as the case was open, at the same time fitted a PCI/USB2 card and plugged the External drive to that. Result, every time I accessed the drive it crashed or hung after a few minutes, and I am sure that is where my files started to be corrupted.

Mind you, could also have been because I had copied some files from my laptop in the UK to the external drive which I then brought back home and then asked uT to access the external drive for downloads and seeding. Like you I was renaming folders and shifting files hither and yon. In future I shall be very careful about moving files or renaming directories.

The drive wouldn't even run chkdsk without crashing. So in desperation I connected back to the old usb1 port and no more crashes - all remaining files have been recovered from the external drive safely. May have been the PCI card or the drive, if I had not fitted the PCI card until after the hard drive had been swapped and tested I would have spotted that port problem earlier, but lesson learned - Never change more than one thing at a time!!!

Thanks again for your help


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