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Delete Torrent files configuration


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Recently I change my PC and resintall µtorrent. I don't succeed to find the configuration I have on my old one to delete torrent files when I click on the Delete button. I have already set the button to "Cancel and delete Torrent".

I have only set the download folder on the folder menu in preferences.

Can anyone help me to set this issue.

Thanks for the help.

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To delete .torrent and/or data, 2 possibilities:

1/ 'Remove' icon in uT toolbar. Right click ont it to set it.

2/ Right click on torrent job and choose 'Remove And' then make a choice.

Tip: your history & settings are saved in folder %appdata%\utorrent. Back up it before changing or reinstalling your PC, so you can resume yours torrents and retrieve your settings.

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