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Using 2 torrents software inter-changeably


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I have tried to use 2 or more torrents software interchangeably.

It did not work. It crashed my PC to the point of totally reboot.

Any suggestion or advice on per subject matter.

PS: As per New Users Take Note:, PLEASE DON'T.

For being a very simple mindedness person, I do not have the time to make a

forum search.

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System info:

Operating System : Windows XP Professional (5.01.2600 Service Pack 2)

Firewall: Pest Patrol

Anti-virus: Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2005(PS: Internet Firewall is turned off to speed torrent download.)

Torrent Clients: 1. BitSpirit is Okay

2. utorrent is not OK.

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What's 'port'? Are you refering to, eg: 123.123.123:09876, internet service provider personal port number or my very own ones?

As the matter of fact, we, Malaysian here, are using streamyx - Prolink 8000 for home usage.

Why can't I use 2 or more torrent clients for the same port? so that one isn't working, the other takes over?

PS: Would Guardian p2p, a protective p2p software, helps to counteract the virus and speeds up the torrent download?

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