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Another uTorrent WebUI for the iPhone


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Hello All,

I've created a revised version of the WebUI client that davidraso created and added some funtionality. I fixed a couple of minor issues with progress bars appearing when the shouldn't and some of the page resizing issues that occur with really long torrent names.

I've changed the icon set, however the icons still don't have a consistent feel. If you have better ones, please let me know.

I've added a "stop" button, and made the torrent names into a link that will toggle between showing the files in the torrent and hiding the files. It also reveals 2 buttons that allow you to remove the torrent (but keep the files) or to delete the torrent (and all files). You can also change the priority of the files from this screen.

I've also revealed the "remaining bytes" attribute and the other attributes can be added by simply editing the code (its implemented, but commented out). I also changed the coding so that it is now using the cacheid and torrentm and torrentp arrays. This means that it is only transferring files that have changed since the last update with can mean a significant reduction in the bandwidth consumed if you have a lot of old stopped torrents (like me). This is a big deal if you have limited bandwidth on your phone (like me), plus you get the benefit in that it reduces the upload done by your computer, freeing up bandwidth for more torrent seeding.

Let me know if you encounter any bugs, I've only tested this on WebUI 361 and uTorrent 1.7.7, but my bro says it works with 1.8. I would reallly apprieciate it if someone has better icons they would be willing to share. I may modify this again in the future to add some more settings (like torrent bandwidth allocation), but no promises. You can reach me at morgan (dot) doug (at) gmail (dot) com.

I would like to thank davidraso for his superb template, I would not have been able to do this without his excellent work. Installation is the same as his, extract the files into the webui.zip (see http://www.davidraso.com/utorrent-iphone/)


Another iPhone WebUI client


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I have updated the icons and sizes to make it more fluid and blend better. It's now a better mix of iphone/utorrent UI.

I also changed the apple-touch-icon, i hid the safari browser UI if the webui is launched from the home screen. I also added a loading screen when launched from the home screen, that way it won't use the last screenshot and confuse you.


Get my version here:

Download iPhone WebUI

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