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Question on Tracker Inter Communication

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I have been wondering on this for a long time now, can somebody please throw some light on, the inter communication between trackers.

I mean to say, for eg. some xyz.org runs its torrent trackers, and they might have 10 or 50 or 100 trackers (or is it possible a single torrent tracker can handle all the clients/peers ??),

so how do the trackers intercommunicate, transfer etc. the

1. Torrent file information

2. Peer information

Should it be time-based(i think so), will the communication between them encrypted ?

should the trackers be deployed on a special topology to improve this, might be a multicast tree or is it also possible that they can even have a class D address based on their site's request. (Anycast can also help, similar as root nameservers.)

As far as i checked, these are the lookups i found

1.Name: tracker.something.org


2. Name: abc.otherthing.com


Is there any specification on this, which i might have not looked or i might have overseen. There was nothing about it on the Bittorrent Protocol Specification v1.0

P.S. Is there any other Bittorent protocol specification?

P.P.S. This is a newbie question.

Vipin Jain

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There is no such specification that defines inter-tracker communication. If you have control of both servers, you could always implement some proprietary system for sharing data -- share a database, or open some API for one server to get all the data from another.

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