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Online port check positive; yet only red connection icon


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Hi all,

I have a problem getting uTorrent to accept connections. I have been unable to find any other posts from people that have a similar problem that looks like it would be caused by the same thing.

I am using uTorrent 1.8.3 and COMODO Firewall 3.9 on Windows XP x64. My router is a Sitecom WL-160.

I forwarded port xxxxx (there's not much of a risk, but I'll feel better x-ing the port number anyway) to my ip and I know what I am doing there. With the firewall I made a rule that allows uTorrent any inbound and any outbound connections. The checking page says that my port is open and accepting connections, and so does the random port checking tool at http://www.canyouseeme.org/.

However, uTorrent is still giving me a red connection status icon and telling me my network traffic is limited. Does anybody have an idea why this is happening, what I can do to fix this, or even just what I can do to find out what is causing the problem?


Alright, I have tried a thing or two more, but I simply can't get it to go green!

Does anybody have an idea about this? Also, does anybody know what it can mean when you have a red icon while the test page tells you your port is opened?

As an aside, I found a strange IP issues.

Many entries in the log are like this one:

[2009-07-01 00:34:45] Incoming connection from

Is it normal for uTorrent to use your router's IP in the log? Could this be a related issue?

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"Is it normal for uTorrent to use your router's IP in the log?"

Yes, I believe that uTorrent is using that ip as a gateway ip that loops back to your computer. Exactly why this happens, I don't know...but uTorrent APPARENTLY never learns its internet (WAN) ip address so it'll stop. :(

"Could this be a related issue?"

Doubtful, I'm forwarded correctly and I still have that problem.

...So I added my router's LAN ip and my internet WAN ip to uTorrent's ipfilter.dat ...and I don't see them any more in uTorrent's Logger tab/window.

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