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Not connectable; No firewall or router... utterly baffled.


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This is the first time I've ever run into this issue before using uTorrent. The client/connect check says I'm not connectable (red icon), and I am not running any software/hardware firewall (built-in Windows Firewall disabled) and I'm directly connected to the internet via my cable modem (no router yet).

I've tried messing with configs and reading up the forums/FAQ with no luck. I did manage for the icon to go green a couple times when changing the port number, but after an undetermined period of time the icon goes red again. Now when I change the port number, it continuously stays red and the connect check also fails.

I only run NOD32 Anti Virus (v4.0.417) and no other software (that I'm aware of after thorough checking) would interfere with the connection. I had been running ESET Smart Security, and that gave me issues, so I went back to the normal NOD32 Anti Virus and things seemed to work for at least a couple days... though after time the connection would go red again.

I cannot seem to track the issue and it has me rather confused. My ISP is Oceanic Time Warner Cable (Hawaii) on the island I'm currently living on but I also had the same ISP on the previous island I was living on about 1 month ago with NO issues at all, and I was behind my router at the time.

Any ideas? At this point, I'll try just about everything. If any additional info is required to help diagnose, please do not hesitate to ask.



PS I forgot to mention, the work computer i use does have a router and I use uTorrent there and it connects just fine and stays connectable. This leads me to believe it's a local issue with either my laptop PC, cable modem, or something else within my specific location. Figure that might cancel out the ISP blocks/throttles theory.

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