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Constant "Not connectable"


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So, i have been using uTorrent with great success for that last year - never had a problem, great program.

But yesterday i moved to a new appartment - new internet provider.

So, this is the information i have gathered:

- I appear to be behind some sort of NAT service - (all IP's here are surprisingly alike and they offer a fairly expensive static IP service). We get internet from a certain provider (Danatel), and i am unable to change my ISP. You could probably file this place in the same category as a campus provided internet connections.

- Yesterday i was only able to upload (added 2 different files from OpenOffice.org - to test that i was not just using poorly seeded torrents)

- Now today i am both downloading and uploading - yet i am still "not connectable"

Here for the information requested in the "read this first posts":

Tried so far:

Changed the port used by utorrent, restarted the application and my computer several times. (Did a whole lot of searching on the forums, but was unable to find anything that seemed like my case).

Also confirmed that my firewall settings and windows firewall was correctly setup.

Changes made:

Changed the port used by utorrent to 34747.

Network indicator color:

Red - "Not connectable: A firewall/router is limiting........."

Port checker

That the port is closed.


The value appears to be: 8 - i have not changed any advanced settings.


Windows Vista - just ran the updating service :)


I doubt they will tell me this - yet i am unable to change it, so i doubt it matters :)


Danatel, danish provider.

Connection type

Presuming its a Cable connection since there is a fair amount of people using it from here - however, i do not have a modem inside my apartment if that is of any help.

Speedtesting on 2 different servers: http://www.dslreports.com/im/73627525/6979.png

If there is anything i forgot - please do tell me and i will do my best to provide it!

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If you're plugging an outside Ethernet connection into your network/computer, I can almost say with certainty that you're connecting to the internet through someone else's router...and it's NOT port forwarded.

If uTorrent's UPnP and/or NAT-PMP doesn't auto-forward uTorrent's listening port on that unknown router, then you're essentially permanently firewalled by it.

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That is exactly what i am doing.

Ah well, ill just have to live with it then. Is there a chance that purchasing a static ip from them might change this at all?

It is working, just not very well at the moment. Which is (to say the least) a tad annoying - i guess ill just be doing a loot of seeding then.

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You would have to ask them if a permanent ip means unfirewalled.

There's 'extreme' hiding tricks to get better speeds:


(Note: My post immediately following that one explains what settings in uTorrent are similar to the Azureus ones.)

...but such hiding tricks are *NOT* easy to do!

Vaguely similar settings in uTorrent:


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