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Creepy Startup Scrape


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I desperately need uTorrent to include a feature so that when it starts, it creeps or step through torrent scrape process, as currently uTorrent hammers my Webhost at 1and1.com and their firewall blocks me for days.

What's needed...

Two UI options;

1) Tickbox, On/Off Creeping Startup Scrape.

2) Textbox, Holding Number of Torrents per scrape step, before next step.

optional 3) Textbox, Holding Number for Step Wait.

Code the startup so that it flags so that when the scrape sees the flag it knows to step through.

Does Multi-scrape even work for uTorrent? I have it on but each torrent is scraped in single mode.

Is there an alternative to this feature?

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